Celebrating 40 Years

Razorback History

The Razorbacks were established in 1979 by committed and caring families who took up the challenge to create an environment where children with an interest in football and cheer could learn the game and valuable life lessons. The Razorback Organization has offered a safe, supportive, affordable setting bolstered by adult-to-youth and peer-to-peer mentoring. Our formula has been very successful – resulting in the majority of our participants having improved grades, going on to college, showing better discipline and a better understanding of what it takes to achieve their goals on and off the field.   Please accept my personal invitation to attend one of our practices or home games or both so you can see firsthand what all the excitement is about.   Should you have any questions about the Razorbacks, please feel free to contact me James McMillian directly at:



or via telephone at (914)433-2087.